Atharva Mini 3D Printer

Approx Price: Rs 3.39 Lakh / No

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 No

Product Details:

Operation Mode Automatic
Display Digital
Color & Page Single Color, Two Color, Multicolor
Input Format G Code, STL, 290x290x400
Build Volume 290x290x400

Atharva 3D printer or rapid prototyping equipment which turns the blueprint into real object through your CAD design. Atharva 3D is LOW-COST (MAKE IN INDIA) Desktop 3D Printer is based on the open-source technology, and we have made several important improvements on circuit board, the exclusively designed heating platform and other details to make the machine the best Desktop 3D Printer. It is high-precision, high efficiency, and with stable quality, is the best choice for small and medium enterprises, or individuals to make professional quality models.

The 3D Printer applied to education, health care, industrial, art, design, construction, personal preferences and other industries.

Atharva 3d offers and array of benefits

· Do immediate design validation and make changes – no need to wait for weeks till the mould maker responds.

· Quickly check form and fit, especially in component and sub component designs.

· Interact better with team members, vendors and suppliers for easier communication.

· Use them in customer meetings and sales presentations, dealer trainings etc as a substitute for the original part.

3D Prints are economical and help you save time, cost, wastage.

of the specific application, 3D printers offer rapid turnaround times when it comes to taking a digital concept, and placing the physical results of that concept into a user’s hand. As the technology surrounding it improves, 3D printers will become increasingly versatile. They’ll be used for an ever growing number of tasks, in a manner similar to the last two decades of digital expansion via personal computers. Imagine a third world village printing vital medical equipment on demand. Aid workers never being without the specific supplies they need, a result of carrying portable 3D printers with them into combat zones and disaster areas. Imagine hospitals being able to print organs on demand instead of waiting for a donor. 3D printers have virtually limitless potential as the technology driving them improves.

They also offer typical consumers endless opportunity for product customization. They are capable of producing the type of customization that’s unattainable through mass manufacturing. Imagine never needing to break in a new pair of shoes again. You also won’t have to worry about selecting the shoe size that’s the closest fit – instead, you’ll be able to scan your feet and design a shoe that fits them perfectly. The importance of 3D printing extends far beyond the few uses and current implementations described here.