Advantages of digital printing

How is Digital Printing different than Offset Printing?

This is the digital technology time; printing has become our necessary need and widely popular to meet the demands of lower quantities. Get any print at low cost in a faster way. If you are planning for a private or commercial printing project, I strongly believe there is a huge place for offset printing, but digital printing is better and providing the highest volume printing quality.

You can get digital printing in a competitive budget with the highest quality printing, including faster timeline technology. For the customer’s perspective, there is a vast difference between offset printing and digital printing.

Digital printing with in India is better suited for printing. Basically! Both types of printing produce print products. These printers are incredibly high in quality and fit for professional quality printing for businesses. But it depends on the volume of the project requirements. Let me explain to you, what are the differences and advantages of digital printing and offset printing? Keep reading to learn more.

Digital Printing different than Offset Printing

Advantages of digital printing

Many businesses or individuals do not need a large number of print or more. Digital printing is incredibly fast, even if you are working within a deadline, digital printing is the best solution for your project

  • If you are looking for a short run, digital printing setup costs are lower
  • When you need print, digital print gives you only the amount you need
  • Minimum quantities for digital printing is 1, 20 or 50 pieces
  • Low-cost black and white digital printing
  • The digital printer has variable data capability, such as names, addresses, codes or numbering can be set easily
  • Improved technology has made digital quality acceptable for more uses
  • If you need to change printed material, digital printing allows for frequent changes
  • The digital printer has great flexibility
  • The digital printer runs smaller sheet sizes
  • The digital printer always offers a turnaround time
  • The digital printer smaller setup time
  • The digital printer offers same-day printing much more efficiently and cheaper
  • The digital printer models are available in affordable budget
  • The digital print is faster than press printing

Disadvantages of digital printing

  • The digital printers have less exact color matching
  • The digital printers can hold four colors process
  • The digital printers have a limited range of colors

Pros and cons of Offset printing

If you are looking for large-scale printing projects like magazines, books and newspapers, state-of-the-art offset printing involves converting from the decades. The design was finalized into metal plates for each color. During the offset printing process, the images transferred onto rubber blankets and rollers. Then we can have a final image on the paper.

  • Offset printing uses the oil and water to differentiate between image and non-image areas, so sometimes we called offset lithography.
  • Offset printers are ideal for large and commercial-scale printing
  • Offset printers are complicated; it requires high turnover times
  • Offset printers are large in complicated set-up
  • Offset printing editing and proofing is time-consuming
  • No doubt, offset printing is costly than digital printing
  • Offset printer paper are large
  • Offset printers printing result in a high environmental impact
  • Offset printers require chemicals in large quantity


In summary, any type of printing is great. We know that printing requirement is necessary for commercial and jobs. Please call us for Digital printing Solution, which is ideal for low quantity jobs rather than offset printing. Offset printing is cost effective.