Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing

How Digital Printing Is Replacing Offset Printing in Current Times?

The latest market analysis about digital printing have revealed that the industry will reach the staggering numbers of $187.7 billion in 2018 which were $131.5 billion in 2013 with an annual growth of rate at 7.4%.

Growth of digital printing:-

The most recent numbers about digital printing show that this market has grown from $9.8% to 20.6%, from the years 2008 to 2018. The offset printing is witnessing a decline in contrast to digital printing in the latest times. According to the statistics digital printing was only 18.5% of the offset sector in 2008. But by the mid of 2018 it is estimated to be 50% of the offset market in whole world.

In India, Digital printing is getting more attraction and businesses are turning to digital solutions, the percentage will be lot higher in 2020, according to the latest trends in printing industry are changing fast.

Digital printing on the rise:-

With the inventions like E-books, and people reading online newspaper and magazines, online transactions and E-currency reducing the demand of cheques and currency, conventional marketing and advertising turning into digital marketing and on social media, digital printing and sharing like cloud media, all these factors have resulted in the decline of offset printing and printing products.

Advantages of digital printing:-

Fast and efficient:-

Anyone can have high quality printing in less time. By using the latest digital printing the labor expenses are minimized and time can be saved. It can cater to the needs of both personalized and the commercial printing requirements efficiently.

Various formats:-

This service provides printing in different formats like short run printing, prints in large format, canvas prints, cloud sharing, digital data sheets etc.

Easy editing:-

Because the documents are electronically stored, the modification and the need to update them is not a problem at all. In short making changes, correcting and revising the documents is not an issue anymore and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Environment friendly:-

Another benefit of digital printing compared with offset printing is its environmental friendly feature. There is no such wastage of anything in digital printing, which is very much the case in offset printing where metal and rubber are the used.

New markets:-

With the opening of online services like photo books and photo products, a new multi-million dollar industry has flourished, where digital prints are linked directly to online ordering.

Less costly:-

Economically speaking, the digital printing is by far more economic friendly in contrast to offset printing which was costly due to the fact that it used metal, rubber and ink.

Cloud technology:-

Cloud sharing software enables the users to edit, correct, the online document that too while working on it simultaneously. There is no need of sending it to other personnel one by one after corrections or editing.


One of the most important features of it is security. Unauthorized access to any document can be stopped by using passwords. Users need to give the right password to encrypt any file. We at digital edge technologies enables you with our latest technology with end to end secure encryption to stop the unauthorized and illegal use of any information and data stored.