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Thank you for your interest in digitization services from digital edge technologies . This questionnaire is designed to collect the information we need to recommend a plan for your project and construct a price quote.

Fill in as much relevant information as possible, but feel free to skip over questions that don’t pertain to your project or for which you don’t have the answers. Please contact us for clarification on any point or for assistance with any section of this questionnaire.

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Digitization Basics

With the shift to managing records in digital systems, many organizations are digitizing paper and/or other non-digital records. To manage themselves effectively, organizations need to create full and accurate records of their activities and maintain these records over time for subsequent reference. These considerations are valid regardless of the records’ storage media.

Digitization is the process of converting hard-copy, or other non-digital, records into a digital format, such as taking digital photographs of non-digital source records or imaging non-digital source records (also known as scanning).

When converting records into digital objects, they are commonly:

a) captured as static pictures (raster image) represented by pixels;
b) processed by optical character recognition technology which converts the pixels into digital representations which are searchable, editable and manipulable; or
c) captured into both formats.

Digitization can broadly be categorized into two types:

— business-process digitization: ongoing, routine digitization as part of daily business processes;
— digitization projects: project-based bulk digitization of legacy records.

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