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Documents Digitization Service – New priorities for an electronic world.

With the dawning of the digital age comes a new world of information necessities. Companies everywhere are realizing the benefits of immediately accessible digital information, along with the need to create, convert, manage, and disseminate electronic documents.

Electronic Document Management services provide a suite of state-of-the-art technologies to help you do just that. From document imaging to data-capture to data-indexing and hosting, we support your migration to electronic form with strategic solutions that save you time, money, and the headache of having to navigate an otherwise complex new world.

Physical to Digital Document Conversion Service


  • Timely execution
  • Efficient execution team
  • Applied latest methodology

A brief list of our services provided:

  1. Undertaking Document Scanning & Indexing Projects
  2. Creating Legal Hold Images from Scanning (Use of PDF/A framework)
  3. Transferring Physical Documents into Legal Hold Custody after Scanning
  4. Implementing Legal Hold Electronic Repository within Open Source DMS/GRC system
  5. Developing eBooks from paper documents/manuals for cross platform usage and portability in hand held devices (Windows, IOS & Android)
  6. Migration & Error Correction of e-Records in Document Management System

Scopes of services, includes:

  1. Conduct system study & implement Alfresco CE Open Source Document Management System to host the digitized dossiers and relevant data received from the customer pertaining to each legal dossier.
  2. Professionally setup the project site for dossier digitization and carry out the service onsite at the customer’s site.
  3. Provide all necessary manpower, hardware and software to carry out the digitization activity.
  4. Post scanning, organize the dossiers in ‘Banker Boxes’ with a view to enable deep storage.
  5. Please find enclosed our product brochure, Proposal format and questionnaire for your kind references.

For better understanding of the project, we request you to go thro the complete document which helps your decision making easier.

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