RISO Digital Inkjet Printer

RISO ComColor GD 9630

The RISO ComColor GD 9630 is a full-color sheet-fed inkjet device featuring print speeds of up to 160 ppm at 600×600 dpi and a maximum duty cycle of 500,000 impressions per month. The printer is engineered for high-production environments, providing high-speed color printing at a very low cost using newly-developed ink technology that reduces transparency and improves black ink density. It also leverages a fifth color (gray ink) to provide denser blacks and improved color reproduction and stability.  Many customers love the color quality that the fifth gray unit provides; it gives the project an extra pop of color.

Printers for Endless Possibilities

RISO high speed color inkjet printers offer you a combination of speed, economy, durability, and flexibility that can increase the effectiveness of your organization’s documents. Whether you work in a networked office or a high-volume production environment, the ComColor® inkjet printer can get your job done fast!

The speed at which a ComColor high speed Inkjet printer can produce full color documents is truly amazing. At up to 130 pages per minute, the ComColor high volume full-color Inkjet printer speeds through print jobs, and because this production printer is a no-heat, non-impact inkjet device, its reliability and uptime are superior to toner-based devices. Combine that with a small footprint, no special power requirements, and very low power consumption, and you have a high-speed color inkjet printer that offers a rich feature set with an incredibly low total cost of ownership.

RISO’s unique technology, unlike traditional toner printing, works on a cold printing process, which offers you many benefits & advantages like:

  • Low cost per page for full color as well as black & white printing
  • Eco-friendly, low energy consumption and no harmful emissions
  • Enhanced functionality including print from USB and Barcode Area Definition
  • A simple paper path reducing paper jams
  • Cold printing process means no paper curl and minimum static
  • Multifunction office printer & high-volume production options
  • Finishing options with finisher for 2/3 or 2/4 hole punching, folding & stapling, perfect binding and wrapping envelope finishing

Smart phone and tablet printing from a dedicated RISO App: RISO PRINT-S


Leading the way in inkjet technology used for page-by-page production printers, RISO is streets ahead in the high-productivity digital printing market. Discover the strengths of the ComColor and VALEZUS hardware designed on the basis of the unique FORCEJET™ printing process.

RISO Comcolor – A product fits between Offset/web press & Digital Laser printing

We invite you to explore our line of high speed inkjet printers, learn what RISO High Speed print technology can do for your organisation, or find out how and where to see our machines in person. It’s worth a demo.

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