The SCAMAX® 4×3

A classic for good reasons

Made in Germany – Our quality is your safety.

In document management, quality is not an end in itself. It is the guarantee for safe and resource-efficient processes. For excellent results and low overall operating costs. And for maximum product longevity and investment security. In short: quality is a competitive edge.

InoTec’s SCAMAX® 4×3 production scanner opens a new dimension in document capture. Utilizing new and innovative technology it has increased product reliability and scanning throughput for even the most difficult of scanning projects.

Image enhancements and processing are handled by the scanner’s own internal hardware – improving workflow productivity by eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing on an external PC.

The SCAMAX® 4×3 production scanner has a newly designed feeder concept which ensures that a widely varying range of documents can be fed automatically through the scanner. Even the thinnest of paper is transported through the scanner reliably ensuring minimum downtime due to miss-feeds.

Purchasing the SCAMAX® 4×3 production scanner is a safe and secure investment thanks to InoTec’s innovative Upgrade Path. The scanner can be upgraded at any time to meet changing production requirements.


  • Gigabit Ethernet
    Interface with the future.
    Fast, safe and uncomplicated.
  • TSCP
    TouchScreen Communication Panel
    Simplifies operation of advanced functions.
  • PFC PaperFlowControl
    Controls paper flow from the feeder to the output hopper and detects feeding errors.
  • Document indexing
    Generates user-defined index data during the scanning process and passes the data on to post-processing.
  • Intelligent Endorser
    Prints freely definable information pre- and/or post-scan.
  • Bates Stamping
    Stamps images electronically.
Low Operating Costs
Only few wearing parts with long life expectancy.
Energy Saving
Utilises an energy saving LED illumination system.
No warm-up time for the lamps, instantly useable upon power on.
Energy Star
Exceeds Energy Star requirements for energy consumption.
Maintenance Worldwide
Onsite maintenance is provided by authorized service partners.
Compact Design
Small footprint design saves valuable office space.

Minimises operator fatigue because controls are easily reached.
High contrast TouchScreen display ensures excellent screen readability.
Document sequence is always maintained to eliminate post scan sorting.
Quiet Operation
Ultra quiet and compact design easily fits into any office environment.
Ease of Use
Intuitive design ensures ease of operation, even after an upgrade.


  • Advanced Engineering Ensures No Volume Limits
    Continuous scanning – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks…
  • No Service Area Limits
    True worldwide service by InoTec technicians or authorised, factory trained service partners.


  • Scan Speed adjustable by button *
    90, 120, 150, 170 ppm
    180, 240, 300, 340 ipm
  • Resolution
    150, 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
  • Image Quality
    Dynamic binarisation, selectable gamma correction.
  • Document Feed
    Auto-feed (batch), Hand-feed with or without paper separation.
  • User Formats
    Document width: min 28 mm – max 317.5 mm
    Document length: min 60 mm – max 2075 mm
  • Paper Thickness
    Onion skin (flimsies) to Manila folder file covers.
  • Image Output
    Bitonal, Grey, Colour* – compressed or uncompressed.
    Multi resolution from the same image.
    JPEG quality
    Snipping function
  • Color management
    Supports ICC-profiles
  • Double feed control
    Three ultrasound sensors, individually controlled across entire document length and across individual document areas.
  • Scalable Processor Performance
    Demand orientated image processing.


  • Mage enhancement PDT
  • Cropping/Deskew
    Black border removal, bicubic deskew, content based rotation.coleraseTM*
    Digital mixed color filtercoladaptTM
    Dynamic binariosation
  • Scan Background
    Selectable black or white.
  • Optical Resolution
    600 dpi
  • Multistream, triplestream, dualstream capabilities
  • Automatic Colour Detection
    With configurable settings.
  • CCP Color Calibration Program
    Software to calibrate colors using IT8 targets.
  • Blank page detection
    Intelligent, content based



  • Event Controlled Indexing replaces costly software and reduces throughput times.
  • Utilises Established Filing Structures, structure can be fully user-defined based on established organisation methods.
  • Index Trigger – index triggers are activated by patchcode and manual input.
  • User Definable counters, fixed texts and flags.
  • Export Capability index values can be easily imported into Document Management Systems.


  • Operator/Machine Interface
    Utilises easy to use TouchScreen Communication Panel
  • Language
    Instructions and error messages are simple to understand and multilingual.
  • Full Text
    All error messages and screen references are in full text. No coded messages or instructions.
  • Pictograms
    Ensures fast orientation – clear, understandable, intuitive.


  • Contact Feeder
    Automatic, safe, reliable and controlled.
  • Paper Transport
    Safe, reliable and controlled.
    Gentle on papers.
    Simple and easy access everywhere.
    Reliable processing, even with widely varying documents in the same batch.

* depends on options/model

Call it a classic. Call it a favorite. Call it an institution. We call it an InoTec production scanner, Made in Germany.

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