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Track and Trace Solutions for Your Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Organisations need to stay up to date with the new trends and technologies in order to apply the best track and trace solutions to their supply chain & Manufacturing process. Companies that develop strong relationships with the stakeholders and take full advantage of the technology in a timely manner will succeed in today’s demanding market.

Naturally, emerging challenges lead to enhanced solutions. Correctly implemented technology and resources can help the processes become more accurate and efficient. New software and cloud-based platforms are incorporated with existing track and trace methods such as barcoding and labeling with GPS, GIS, WLAN, and RFID; and these methods will be more widely used as a reliable way for efficient delivery of components, materials, and products throughout the manufacturing process.

Track and trace solutions can also store and manage information such as purchase order numbers, container numbers, bill of lading numbers, customer information, item counts, weight, status, delivery date, and freight changes. Solutions like this can provide supply chain managers with valuable, real-time data as they progress through the supply chain, offering insights and helping them make informed decisions.

When implemented with careful research and strategies, track and trace solutions will bring many benefits such as reducing errors, inventory levels, labor costs, and management costs, as well as improving accuracy, processing time and customer service.


Our customised track and trace solutions will enable you to obtain visibility into the movement of your products across the supply chain, allowing you to maintain security and detect counterfeit penetration. At the moment of manufacture, products are barcoded and scanned as they move through the supply chain, creating a complete record of product movement as well as data analytics on efficiency and availability that can be utilised for optimization.

  • Reduce the amount of dead stock
  • Follow the trail from the warehouse to the customer
  • Keep unlawful distribution at bay
  • Control and transparency of the supply chain

How it Works

Tracking and tracing is the processes by which manufacturers obtain and record highly important information about where and how products are made. The Track & Trace system is the latest addition to GTI’s comprehensive ERP, which uniquely combines robust MES and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software functionality to provide an end-to-end solution for manufacturers. The Track & Trace system provides manufacturers with the additional data, insights and intelligence they need to easily and accurately provide documentation and product tracking to react and respond to recalls and meet industry regulations and quality audits.

IP based technology & Customized solution designed to address all of the challenges in a comprehensive way that creates significant value for all stakeholders in the complex delivery in the manufacturing Industry.

  • A uniquely serialized codes are created, which is managed in the Server / Cloud.
  • Work flow is enrolled in the program and assigned a de-identified product profile.
  • Data is captured at every stage, stored, and links are created to access and analyze the workflow through the Bar/QR Codes.
  • High integrity workflow checks and outcomes reassessments are conducted and tracked during the process techniques.
  • Data is maintained within the de-identified assignee’s profile in the Server / Cloud, further enabling next work flow in-charge for analysis.

What we do

  • Customized Solutions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Integration Services
  • Industry Leading Capabilities
  • Ongoing Customer Support

Features of the app

Our Track & Trace system has the ability to function as a standalone ERP or it can also fit into the Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) / Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) layer that resides between the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) layer and the plant floor.

  • Scalable, cost-effective & adaptable : To any size.
  • Completely integrated: All of the solutions function in unison.
  • Comprehensive: Everything you need to keep track of and defend your products, brand and customers.
  • Extensible: As your product’s digital footprint grows, gradually activate the additional possibilities
  • Production Scheduling: Improve production scheduling with visibility into products, parts, components and subassemblies availability and inventory levels.
  • Improve SLA: Increase customer service levels with timely and accurate order status information.
  • Greater Visibility: Gain greater visibility into the product lifecycle. Easily identify finished goods, components, and raw materials associated with a recall by lot number, serial number, and other identifiers as they move up and down the supply chain.
  • Address Quality: Efficiently and effectively track and troubleshoot supplier performance and quality problems.
  • View Expiration dates: Quickly and easily view raw materials’ expiration dates when users are handling perishable materials, and plan production accordingly.
  • Anti-Counterfeit: Minimizes counterfeit products in the market.
  • Data Analytics for MIS: Data for analytics for effective decision making.

End-to-end implementation

We are committed to making the process of implementation extremely smooth for the manufacturing plants. As such it provides and installs the Hardware required to implement the Track & Trace System making the roll-out a breeze. The hardware includes

  • Online Scanners To any size.
  • Thermal Inkjet Printers.
  • 2D Handheld terminals
  • Andriod & iOS support
  • Wifi Access points & modem.
  • Servers
  • Kiosks
  • PCs & related network components.

Modules of the system

  • Serialization: Serialization in packaging is the process of assigning unique markings on the packaging design of each product. It is essential to combat counterfeiting. Individual items, cases or pallets can be serialized by labeling for barcode scanning. This is a part of our standalone system.
  • Production Management: Improve production scheduling with visibility into products, parts, components and sub-assemblies availability and inventory levels.
  • Inventory Management: Easily identify finished goods, components, and raw materials associated with a recall by lot number, serial number, and other identifiers as they move up and down the supply chain.
  • Transit Management: Enables transit visibility & stock status across the storage locations and in transit stock status visibility.
  • Distribution Management: Enables automation of inward and outward stock process at the distributor end. Handling sales returns as well as financial modules.
  • Customer Management: Enable customer to verify the authenticity of the product. This module has is available on mobile and across all platforms.
  • Loyalty Program Management: A part of Track & Trace or standalone system that works on Andriod/iOS based system featuring data on customer analytics, geo mapping, authorization & much more.
  • Anti-counterfeit: A part of Track & Trace or standalone system that provides a feedback on the unauthenticated codes. The UID that is not available in the database will create a red flag when scanned. (link will go to the Anti-Counterfeit Section)
  • Analytics: reports include production planned vs actual metrics, stock ageing report, in transit report, channel dispatch report, FIFO violation report, user activity report & much more.



The ability to quarantine defective parts is a major benefit for any manufacturer who cares about quality. One large automotive supplier was marking human-readable information onto their parts. They began to struggle when parts were receiving failing grades as they were read throughout the manufacturing process.

The company needed to increase their mark read rates from 73 percent to 97 percent or higher. They also had to be able to quarantine items that failed. To achieve their goals, the company needed a higher contrast mark that could be properly read and verified throughout their production process.

The catch was that they didn’t want to implement a complete, plant-wide track and trace system right away. Rather, they needed to deploy in strategic increments.


The company opted for a smart laser marking system that would mark a 2D Data Matrix containing a serial number. That unique code connected to their enterprise through Ethernet/IP, enabling them to collect data on each part and ensure only “good” parts were delivered.

We focused on making sure they had a robust, readable barcode that then could be read throughout the process. The team started to work with that manufacturer to expand it across the plant. If there’s one reason why this particular customer went in this direction, it was incremental deployment.”

With their marking system connected to a database, the company gained automated error proofing capabilities. By scanning a 2D barcode, they can determine if a car passes or fails with accurate efficiency.


With this phased system, the automotive company reduced the number of quarantined items by 83 percent. Their new track and trace system allows them to pinpoint which vehicles are effected. Without the hassle of paperwork, the company also saw a reduction in the time spent dealing with these quarantine backers from 3,676 hours to only 316, or an 85% drop in man-hours.


Laser marking works by using a focused beam of light to mark the surface of a material. When the beam interacts with the material’s surface, it alters the material’s properties and appearance. This concentrated beam targets only a specified area, allowing the laser marking machine to create precise, high quality, high-contrast marks that are easy to read or scan on virtually any surface. This feature makes laser marking ideal for applications where accuracy and permanency are critical to success.


Manufacturers can gain many benefits from the laser marking process, whether it is basic part identification and branding or complete traceability to track and trace parts from cradle to grave. Direct part marking with a laser marking machine delivers durable, readable marks. The results of these high quality marks include:

  • Greater operational efficiency and productivity with less waste and downtime
  • More visibility and accountability throughout the supply chain
  • Minimized costly threats such as quality and counterfeiting issues
  • Ensured compliance with industry regulations